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International Baby, Honors, National Champion "Best Puppy in Show"  Appleridges High Roller in Vegas 

Our Brilliant - Brave - Real Life Teddy Bear 

We are ridiculously excited about this breeding pairs outcome.  Our one of a kind, " Vegas" IVF Surgical made from Deacon & Christmas.  At great expense Dr Leigh McBride and her wonderful team of Reproductive specialists helped us create "Vegas" using high tech Veterinarian medicine.   World's Top Quality West German Impeccable pedigree. 40+ years of our hard work.  Some of the very Best Breeders in the World and History of this Breed.  All of our hard work benefits future generations.

Vegas's Daddy
The "Deacon"  vom Appleridge BN RN CGC CGCA CGCU
Active PTSD Service Dog OFA Hips Elbows DM NN 

Momma - "Christmas" Suntan Christmas Kissed vom Appleridge CD PCD BN RN CGC CGCA CGCU OFA Hips Elbows DM
Active PTSD Service Dog

Baby Deacon pictures & Memories to share....

Good Looking & Good Natured

International Baby Champion, Honors Champion, & National Baby Champion 2019 Ocala Spring Sieger International Show 5x SG1

Vegas with 4 Best Puppy in Breeds -Best Puppy in Group- Best Puppy Bred By... competing for Best Puppy in Show @ 4 month old

Vegas - international Dog Show @ 4 month of age

4 month old Baby Class - 3 Best Puppy in Breed Wins - 2 Group Puppy Wins- 3 Best Puppy Bred By

The Deacon vom Appleridge BN RN CGC CGCA CGCU 
OFA Hips/Elbows

Deacon pups can NOT get DM as he is a NN

Stud Service Form - Date Reservation for your female. 

Approved females frozen sperm Deacon $900 vile/per straw ) 
2 live puppies guaranteed.   Stud Service Form - Date Reservation for your female. 

 Please call or contact us Day 1 of your bitches cycle 

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" The Deacon " newest stud 112  lbs 
The Deacon vom Appleridge BN RN CGC CGCA CGCU

High Scoring GSD in Show Non Regular Classes
High in Trial - Non Regular Classes
Deacon receives another leg with a impressive 189.5 / 200 score
A Big, Thank You to Skye for Handling & Loving Our Big Baby Boy!
son of : Romeo ( Zamp son) and Shimmer (Santana daughter)

Zamp is Famous in his own right. Our greatest thanks to Barbie for allowing us to use her fabulous boy.  Zamps Father pictured to the left:
VA Quenn der Luther Weg SchH3 FH A

Dreacon's Mom - Our last breeding Santana daughter.  We are blessed to have her son join " our Boys"  We look forward to many years of Deacon helping make GSD history in America!

Grandpa -Santana - Passed On, Greatly Missed  
Gone, but NEVER Forgotten!  (Shimmer's father)