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Thank You-Happy Owners -German Shepherds that love kids

Happy Families - Happy Dogs - Sharing their stories with you!

From: Hannah Deshler Vom Appleridge

Hello Annette and Taylor!

First I want to tell you how much we miss you guys and I really enjoy seeing how well the training is going on Taylor’s FB page!

My big news is that I, along with my dad – Kevin, have become the newest members of a local SAR unit here in Minnesota called NorthStarsar - http://www.northstarsar.com/.  I have begun initial training and they think I will be really good at cadaver and wide area search.  Let me know what you think? It will be a lot of work and testing but I plan on being the best SAR dog in the country!

So that’s my “big” update. I will keep you posted as things move along.

Oh, I was also part of a premier opening event for the Movie “Max”. Even though Max is a Belgian Malinois, the theatre owners wanted us to participate in the opening to show support for our SAR team and helped us raise money for our non-profit unit.

Check out my pics!

Licks and kisses,


We wanted to give you a Berit Engle update, a little over 6 months and doing awesome!! He is so calm for the most part, intelligent and loving, he is simply wonderful! Merry Christmas to you all and thanks for giving us such a wonderful addition to our family.

My hubby and I are part of the Canadian Appleridge group. We have had 3 Appleridge girls over the years. Our first girl Sheba we got in August of 1996. I had never had a dog before, although hubby grew up with German Shepherds. Annette was fabulous and matched us with Sheba, who was an awesome girl, laid back and sweet! She was easy for me to train and handle. We miss her so much. Next came Kayla! She was a handful! No problem-Annette had us out for training once a week and it transformed Kayla into an obedient and wonderful companion! She was amazingly smart and intuitive! Then we acquired her Mom-Appleridge's Lucky Emma after she was done her breeding with Annette. Emma has a temperament like Sheba. She is very laid back and sweet. She goes with the flow and takes life as it comes. We lost Kayla a year ago and we miss her so much. Emma is now 14 and doesn't hear or see very well. Her back end is a little wobbly, but she gets around ok with our guidance. She still adores her walks. When she leaves us we will again get another baby from Annette. They are all so amazing-beautiful, smart, intuitive, the best companions. Even though we are approaching our mid 60's we can't imagine not having a fabulous Appleridge girl in our life. Thanks Annette! Our babies truly were a Gift from God!

Hiedi - Busy Day Yesterday- Doing Great

Hi there,

At playtime ( which she goes to 2x/wk) she is Miss Congeniality. Plays well with everybody.
They swear she is part water dog, she loves to swim.( actually she takes after her human Mommy).

I picked her up early, because she and I went to the elementary school her for reading buddies group. They know about service dogs because one of the teachers has one.

Anyway, I let her be petted once we were all sitting down in library of school. In this one area, even though she had her harness on, I was pretty certain she would not get mixed up. This group is for kindergarten, 1 st graders and 2nd graders, so they can get the epiphany that reading is fun. Heidi was a big hit. I know service dogs and therapy dogs are mutually exclusive, in this instance, she would get it.

When I was walking in school halls, they knew enough to ask if they could pet her, and I told them " no, she is working, but thank you for asking "

The group I went with, couldn't believe how focussed and attentive she was.

As you can see from the picture, she had dinner and pretty much went right to sleep.
She was physically, and intellectually exhausted. 

I couldn't be more proud of her.


I wanted to thank you for taking the time to meet with us yesterday.  Your dogs are amazing and we really fell in love with the puppy.  We would like to name him Percy.

Hope you have a wonderful vacation.  Let us know when you are ready to have us come back and visit the puppy. We can hardly wait.

Thanks so much,


Shiloh "  Love my pup-pup ".

Shiloh and I had a very successful socialization/walk in my old hometown Crafton today! She did excellent, I am so very proud of her!!! I did not expect to have her loose leash AND a tremendous amount of eye contact/check ins with me as she did. I praised her tons. We got to pass construction workers and those men didn't matter to her as we passed with high confidence. She got to meet Stephanie the cop, my dads co-worker, and a very young child in a stroller that just started to stand. She was ever so gentle with that child as the mother asked if she bit and if not if her child was aloud to pet puppy. We also passed a man approaching in our direction and as he passed us on the same sidewalk she remained calm and collected. I can finally say she gave me what I wasn't expecting and this has really helped my confidence in her as I worry to much and things couldn't have been better. Love my pup-pup.
Hi Annette,
Just wanted to let you know that I took Ruger for temperament testing at the doggy daycare that I told you about. He did wonderfully, the staff there couldn’t stop talking about what a sweet, calm and attentive pup he was. He was introduced to a small group of pups and did wonderfully as well. 

We also took him out for a boat ride yesterday- he LOVES the dock and the water but is still working on his sea legs- threw up once on board and then slept most of the ride. Ruger came with us to Dairy Queen the other day and met many children, he was very good with all of them. He is so calm, it’s amazing!

We love him so much already, he pesters Kimber at times but she is very good with letting him know how much is too much. Max has been working on training him (it’s the cutest thing ever) and wants to be a junior handler. 

Thanks again for the wonderful pup- I know that you have many people vouch for your dogs but if I can ever help you with a recommendation don’t hesitate to ask. We couldn’t imagine adopting a dog from any place else— your’s are the BEST!

Happy 4th of Jully,
Max loving on Kimber & Ruger practicing “gentle with a little ice cream dipped bone :) Love my fury babies.

Caesar - A handsome Oscar son.........

Hi Annette,

Just wanted to share a few pictures of Caesar with you.  He is getting HUGE!  We love him!

He is currently working with a trainer at Nashville K9 for 4 weeks.  We get him back next Saturday.  The trainer has been emailing me every few days.  He said that Caesar is super super smart and is really excelling at his training.  Not doing anything major, just some distance commands, agility and trying to build his confidence.  

Thought you might enjoy seeing what a beautiful boy he is turning in to!  I thought he looked a whole lot like his dad Oscar in the first picture below.

Thank you,

Becky & Chance - 10 years and still loving life together!

Thanks Annette......

Troy is a Movie Star here, from being on the news.  I love him, he's totally AMAZING! My trainer will be sending more people to Appleridge when they are looking for a service dog.  Nick 

Just wanted to say a big thank you for Anya! She is a little over year and a half and is everything and more we could have wanted. Here are a few pics. Thanks again!  Rob 

Loving Tribute to Hawk who passed at 13 years young .

Thanks for my baby Oscar....... (Oscar & Calypso)

Thanks for Larkin.... got some more titles, 
hope you like the picture!


We love her...she's is perfect.......thanks so much Annette! 

Wishing you a Merry Christmas.... furry and festive Love, Puthon family and the animal kingdom xx

Thank you so much for everything!! =) I am so happy I was able to find you and that you are in the states. I have people near you and also near the other training center in TN so it is quite convenient that way.

I have attached a beautiful picture of Kali with our granddaughter (in case if you need additional advertising on your website lol) that I think really captures the trust and gentleness of your dogs! Karsyn was only a few weeks old here and Kali became her instant guardian and companion and was completely trustworthy around her.

You mentioned liking pics of the dogs with kids for those who may be hesitant...this says a lot ! Lol   Brewer is such a good boy!

Good Morning Annette,
> I finally got a copy of the training video that I can play on my mac. I put it in this morning and started to listen and watch. Nika went nuts. She knows your voice and ran from door to door looking for you and crying....she got so upset I turned it off. She is still crying about it. I am impressed. They really don't forget and what a response. I think I will have to use headphones to listen for a while. The videos are very helpful even just the little I saw for they show the tone of voice and the excitement used in training.
> I would highly recommend your Angel training for anyone getting a puppy especially a GSD. If they weren't so darn cute as puppies I would recommend that they stay even longer and get more training. Nika is by far the easiest puppy I have worked with and it isn't just the commands she has learned. When you prepare them in Angel training I believe the most important thing they learn is HOW to learn. They are used to getting commands and they learn to respond. They know that something is being asked of them and they do their best to try to understand and do what you are asking. Everything is done in such a positive way that the puppy becomes confident and secure in their responses. There is no fear of reprisal.
> Thank you so much for all you have done for her. She is amazing.
> Thank you for giving her such a great start.
> Regina

Hi Annette,

Just wanted to send you a short note to thank you for your hospitality when we were in Tennessee last week.  It was a pleasure meeting you, Tom, Eric, and Nicole.  I hope Tom is feeling better and will be fully recovered soon.

Our drive home went very well.  It took us about 14 hours as we stopped every couple of hours so that Lexi could stretch her legs and relieve herself.  She was a very good girl the entire time.  She didn't even freak out the first time she had to go in snow.  We kept her in a box, with low sides, on the back seat and John and I took turns being with her while the other one drove. It was 14 hours of quality bonding time. :)  We fed her two smaller meals on the way up and made sure she drank water often.  Even the border crossing was a great experience.  From the time we arrived at the Peace Bridge until we were on the QEW was less than 5 minutes.  The customs officer looked at our passports and at Lexi's paperwork and sent us on our way.  Absolutely no hassle.  She must be a dog lover.

By the way, all of our concerns about Lexi were for naught.  She has adapted to her new surroundings perfectly.  She doesn't much like the cold and all the snow (if she's anything like Tobi, that will change when she's bigger) but that just makes her Canadian. :)  She is as loving, friendly, and playful a puppy as we could have hoped for.  She absolutely adores our two daughters and loves playing with them.

Anyway, once again, thanks for all your help in selecting Lexi.  We are truly enjoying our time with her so far and look forward to many years ahead.


Daniela and John

Hi Annette,
We had Elle spayed this past week; just wanted to let you know. She is doing well. She weighs 46 lbs at 5-1/2 months. Here's a couple pics for you. I always continue to look at your website and as usual, your dogs are beautiful!
Enjoy the pics. Elle is a joy! One pic is my daughter with Elle and another is her fiancé with Dross--all on the couch having a good time!
Here is some new pics, few at church and others of her next to me she will not leave my side ( even if I am painting a table lol that is how she got paint on her eat. She is wonderful and loved by all.....Thank you and I hope all is well. Got the cards last night and its our first day at work and its all new but she is doing well.
> Wyatt 
Thomas French Farrah is amazing and doing well everywhere she goes, and so smart. Sometimes I think she wants to stay at home some mornings with and just play with the kids all day instead of going to work with me....but she follows me everywhere and we all love her, and even my young children kiss her. She really enjoys going to the Dog Day Spa and thank you again so much for such a wonderful Service Dog, the professionalism and you hospitality and the love and companion you have for U.S. War Veterans.Kimberly French and I are grateful to be able to have you as friends and look forward to the new addition in 3 years.....lol cant not wait to see what you will have down the road. God bless you Mrs. Miller


Happy Appleridge Puppy Families

(thanks for the pictures, keep them coming)

Family Dogs that Love their lives with Children

at 15 + yrs of age ....."RIP...DAKOTA..."Appleridges Your the One"
Peacefully at his home Dakota passed away, you will be soooo missed and will never forget you. You were the best friend anybody could ask for...we will love you forever and for always, forever in our hearts, Love Mom and Dad, Aunt Kelly and Uncle Steve.....XOXOXO"


========================Happy Families =========================

Annette, thought you'd enjoy this one!



Hi Annette,

Baron is adjusting well, we are building his trust and being patient while he gets used to his new family. He is such a well behaved boy.

I have kept Dianne up to date and wanted to thank you for your kind words and support. I will always think of Copper in a fond way, I still miss him so much but Baron is helping us all heal.



from Knoxville, TN to Ingersoll, Ontario all across America, over 36 years dedicated to you!


Oh Ms Wendy, what did you do, dear.  Wait till grandma see's a picture of this!

Good news! Wendy got a perfect health report :-) and didn't have a fever when I took her in (although I swear she ha one earlier lol). She weighed in at 13.5lbs. Thanks for your quick responses! I suppose I was just being overly cautious haha


took this picture this week when Shelby and were out for a walk........gosh i love my girl...............ck


  THANK you for the best dog ever! She is awesome. the Howell's

From Knoxville Tennessee to Woodstock, Ontario, Canada decades of dedication to all of you!

Hi grandma , Baylee and AJ

Trooper  What a Great Dog!



German Shepherds that love their families !

Such a sweet puppy. So very calm, great temperament.

Thank you so much! My wife brought him to work for me to see.

 I am so happy we got from you and your awesome kennel!



Thank you SO MUCH for letting us get pictures of Shyloh with her birth parents. What a magnificent experience. I?ve attached the pictures of Shyloh with Shimmer and Boss.

It?s amazing to see how tall Shyloh is compared to her Mom and Dad. Shyloh looks so much like her Dad but has the softness of her Mom?s face. I?m still impressed that you were able to look at a 4 week old puppy and know that she would look like her dad.


We feel so fortunate to be a part of the Appleridge family and can?t express how much joy and love that Shyloh brings into our lives every day.


Wishing you all the Best!

Judy and Paul and Daisy and Shyloh

Butler Havanna baby, Bear - arriving at new home and getting a new stuffy



Great!!!,  Bob showed us everything you showed him, and we have been 
doing exactly what you said to do...... He is doing much better....
he layed on his mat tonight in our Family Room and just relaxed..
.yes relaxed...he never even tried to get up...then after we 
released him, he went into his kennel( no prompting from us) 
layed down and slept with the door open for  an hour and a half....

Kayla and I baked Cupcakes today for Bobs Birthday and Buck sat
on the area rug in the kitchen while we baked and chewed on his hoof...

So, you have done a great job and we are soooo grateful...
.we will keep up the things you told Bob like waiting at 
the door...all 3 of us make him sit,  wait, and sit
 there while we open the door...he does it and then we let him come in!

Wow....thanks again and we hope to see you again soon!


To annette sackrider-miller
Hey!  Just thought you would want to see these! (the link below) Our friend took them of our beautiful little guy.  We were in their backyard with their vaccinated dogs.  :0)  Our great dane, Hammy is acting like an old man?he growls at Duke, won't look at him, and gets the "quiver-lip".  I've been doing what you said and ignoring them both when I leave and come home, so hopefully that will help Hammy loosen up!  Otherwise, I might be calling you soon!  Haha :0)

Thanks so much for our little love bug!!

Chris and Alicia  :0)  

Here are the photos from yesterday...



The kids say " thank you" 


Lex is doing well. He loves eating Origen and playing with other dogs. Training is going very well. Lex receives compliments wherever he goes. People are very impressed with how calm he is for his age. I tell them it is good breeding. Thank you very much for that:) And people all state how handsome of a dog he is.  Even people in my family that are large dog people and very hard to impress, they think he is a wonderful dog. They are usually very negative people but Lex won them over by his temperament, obedience and looks. Thank for such a wonderful addition to our family.    Mary







Aaron , Shannon and Baily

Nikki and her boys

Crystal, Chris and Brandy & Winston

Todd, Reece and Carli

Tristen and Phoenix

John and Brandy


Was looking at your website and the twins are 
gorgeous and Michael so handsome and the dogs of 
course speak for themselves. Hope all is well.
Prince passed away last April 2011 at 13!
The harpers!

Jessie & Quiz

Sonny and brother

Danica and Kodak

Caycie and Precious

Julie and Maverick

Ed and Majic

the twins

Michael and Frankie

Samson Santa


Azad and Carmen

Zola and Sandy

Tammy and Storm

Jim and Comrade


Steven and Max

Nakita Maltby and family

Diane and Phyre

Tracy and Safari

Cali and Pat

 Great Grand "Hart"kids -  Matrix x Sky (below)

Atlanta, GA to Birmingham, AL 

Appleridge dogs are in every Province and every State not to mention Around the World



Handsome Boomer (below)





Happy Mom Happy pup
Jewel Onyx baby girl
Growing up Happy Companions
Emmerson and Rico
Rico and Emmerson
little angel pup
growing into a big dog
my dog bed of my own
Fuzz handome dog
I love my dog bed
King of My World
dog bed best friends
enjoying life with my dog
Hi Annette,
Just wanted to share this with you… we miss her greatly… she was an amazing girl. 

Dear Friends & Family,

Wanted to share with you sad news in our house.... Our Honey passed away peacefully & naturally at home on Monday night.
We were so lucky to have known her, so many beautiful memories that will last a lifetime! Our animal kingdom (she and the boys) will never be the same... She was our soul sister!

Love xx
Andy, Betsy, Bub, Aims & the boys (Fritz, Freddy, Felix, Foxie)
dogs and more dogs
Butler and George, handsome guys
Puppy time out
puppy love sleeping time

Hi Annette,

I wanted to let you know that Onyx passed very peacefully on March 20.  She'd been struggling for a few months, and we also found out that she had cancer.  It was heartbreaking for all of us.

Thank you for matching us with the perfect dog for our family.  She gave us 11 years of great pleasure and we will miss her dearly.  She was the most incredible dog I could ever imagine having in our family.  Once our kids left for school, she was my companion and a happy, cuddly girl, right to the end.  The day after her passing, I "saw" her chasing butterflies in a meadow, which was very comforting.  I truly believe she's in a better place.

Thanks again for everything.

Much love,
Pam Dyck