Appleridge Obedience Family German Shepherds 

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International/ National / Honors Jr
Best Puppy in Show" Appleridges Rum Runner Delights CGC CGCA CGCU FDC ATT TKN TKI TKA VHM OFA H E DM NN  
Romance & Travis (OFA EXCELLENT HIPS)brother to Rumor(Westminster) Dog Show Winner) 
(Moonshine & Oscar)

Rum is the daughter of : Romance Under the Moon vom Appleridge 

CGC CGCA CGCU BN RN FDC TKN OFA *p- Hips-good-Elbows-normal-DM NN by parentage

Romance as a baby

This girl is a natural for anyone with a disabled child or individual in their home.  Romance has a keen sense of smell and already indicates for Ketone changes and Autism stimulation swings.  She has a stabilizing affect with children and quickly goes to comfort them in a very calming way.  Mother like in understanding of their needs.  On the flip side she is tolerant of other dogs and happy to play with the children in the yard.  She stays close, like a baby sitter always watching them.  We are proud of these very healthy and happy pups from last years litter, so we repeated it.  Stunningly good looking too.  Clean house dogs, no car sickness, and excellent in the malls, stores, hotels and parks.  No dog aggression, no people aggression just stable natural protective instincts.  These kind of dogs do not come along often.  Both parents OFA hips elbows and DM negative negative. An incredible feeling knowing that she should live a long healthy life because the breeder cared to test her parents so carefully. 
 Advance training is completed.  Very Very Red female. This young lady respectful, loving, gentle, smart, loyal,stable, fun, tolerant and from one of the best pedigrees on the Earth! You will never be disappointed.  She just needs you! Make it happen, come visit today.   This female is a gentle loving soul and does not need an experienced handler. We would be delighted to train Rose as a Service dog for you, or assist you in training her for your special needs. She has so so much to offer and has been qualified for many special service skill applications. 

Dad- Oscar - Our Newest West German Import - Incredible Boy! 

Mom - Appleridges Moonshine OFA DNA CGC Service Registered Assistance Mobility Dog

Moonshine's Famous Daddy " Maverick" 

Splash- Moonshine's Mom
Daughter of the very very Famous " Lincoln"