Appleridge Obedience Family German Shepherds 

Appleridge German Shepherds (423)457-3808 -Now in Atlanta GA, Annette text,phone appleridgegsd@hotmail.com 32 Years Dedication to Purebred Dogs , Atlanta, Cleveland, Ontario-CKC AKC Inspected and Approved

Planned Litters

Thank you for Planning Ahead Responsibly 
Appleridge is all about Planned Parenthood. Giving Adoption the HIGHEST Compatibility and MATCH possibilities for a LIFETIME of success and Incredible Memories together. 

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Thank you for your interest in a Appleridge Puppy  

Due to High demand for PUPs because of COVID  19  we are now offering a more Streamlined adoption process.  Place your Deposit - puts you on the Fast Track for the next available pup that suits your needs.  If you still wish to have a specific set of Parents, please feel free to use our Companion Planning Program. 

Due to the times, boys are in HIGH DEMAND, so we encourage those of you who wish to have a boy in your lives soon, to consider reserving immediately from upcoming litters.

    ( 2020 Fall/Winter litter )


Home - just in time for Christmas - Ink & Handsome 
( 1 male available for reservation) 

****Angel is now confirmed pregnant to Vegas  

Secure your Puppy reservations Today $500 Deposit - applies to Purchase - 8 wks Old Pup

                                Rumor's Brother "Gage"   4x(V1) Best in Show Winner 

International Champion Highly Titled Parents for Obedience, Rally, Temperament, Trick Dog, Service Dogs and more.... 

Barista & Shockwave - Professional Family Dogs - Extraordinary Family Dogs of the HIGHEST Quality West German Pedigrees at an extra Special, our very last Bear daughter. This is a RARE opportunity.  
The very last breeding age Bear daughter (Surgically made with old stored frozen semen). 

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Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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  Born October 19 2020  - Ink & Handsome ( 1 male available for reservation)

Planning ahead into 2021
Shockwave daughters that will be considered for breeding with reservations:
 Coffee x Vegas(Winter) , Jessie x Handsome(Spring) , Tequila x Hammer,(Spring)
 Essence x Vegas(Fall) 

Please call us to inquire for our 2021 Breedings - Planned Parenting is always the most successful way to get the Special Fur Friend of your Dreams. 

Hammer will be breeding to Sara our the ONLY "Varick" breeding daughter (Spring 2021) The versatility and Capabilities of this pedigree is Incredible and rarely seen.  If you are serious about a dog that can learn anything, do anything and still be the very BEST family Dog EVER!!!  consider this Brilliant, Beautiful, Versatile breeding.  

                                                      SaraSota " Sara Jr" Varick daughter

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                                      Tequila ( Shockwave & River)                                                       

Handsome, Coffee, & Noble

Farm Dog Certified Appleridge Family 2019

 Famous Great Great Grandmother " My BFF for 14 1/2 wonderful incredible years",          Grandpa Bear 

  Phoenix( Harley x Cherokee) & Moonshine (Maverick x Splash) 

Essence - My BFF - Brilliant Happy Enthusiastic

Essence Dad - Shockwave >

Essence Mom - LolliPop

Vegas's Mom "Christmas" and on right, her parents ( Christmas & Deacon)

Rum - International Champion - Best in Show x2 Puppy  - Romance & Travis (brother to Rumor- Westminster Winner- OFA excellent hips/Am Champion ) daughter 

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Welcome to the World of Elite or Professional Appleridge German Shepherds 

Experience the joy of decades of carefully bred Purebred, registered, x-rayed, health tested, temperament tested, family loved and raised Appleridge dogs.  This level will include parents with CGCA + Community Canine Certified and up. OFA hips , elbows & DM or more  Parents in this level are Professionals or Professional pedigreed dogs, working on titles.  This level gives you Predictable : Looks , type, temperament, style, movement, structural predictability, work-ability (please specify).(Potential dogs for Human Assistance & or Service dog training. Appleridge will work with your agency trainers to ensure the correct temperament, size and type of pup is picked to match you for extensive training for your special needs.)  

Purebred and properly bred, because your family are the most important contacts your new dog will ever co habit with. As parents, we MUST confidently know that our dog treasures our family members as much as we do. It is the most important roll your dog will ever have, which means temperament is EVERYTHING!  This level all parents will have CGCA or higher, and be from our best pedigrees. 

    Included in this Elite level adoption, No Charge

  1. ISO 134 Mhz Universal Microchip - Implanted for identification & locating your companion.
  2. Lifetime monitoring of your valuable Microchip through " Animal Recovery 24 hr " AKC program
  3. Professional detailed Binder "Manual" to assist new owners with answering thousands of questions about their new companion, AKC, veterinarian information, feeding, training, bonding, housing, and much more.
  4. Computer Ultra UHS-I Card with Digital Appleridge book & Valuable Health Articles & Training Videos
  5. Computer Flash drive with decades & generations of your new Companions " Family Tree" in full color, showing pictures, titles, health documents.
  6. Pamphlets, Literature and educational information
  7. NuVet 30 day supply of vitamins to get your pup started on a healthy life. 1/2 wafer per day
  8. Tub of TriActa joint supplement to ensure that his/her skeletal system has resources for growth (re order-able through Appleridge) 
  9. Adjustable Puppy Collar
  10. 6' Leash 
  11. Customized backpack for outings trips to your vet, groomer or boarding 
  12. Roll of potty bags to get you started on legal obligation for cleaning up in public
  13. Chew item or stuffed animal or puppy blanket for transition
  14. Lifetime Support - In Person, Phone, Internet via Emails, Web site, text and or mail. 
  15. Lifetime Training at Appleridge locations. Obedience classes for you and your companion. 
  16. 1/2 cost Board & Train programs - Professionals will train your dog & prepare you to give task commands.
  17. Licensed Veterinarian USDA Wellness checked, includes fecal check and 2 cpv (parvo) + 5 way and kennel cough vaccines 
  18. First puppy vaccine, the start to a healthy virus free life for your new companion. 
  19. Worming every 2 weeks from birth, alternating medications to prevent resistance. Will include 1st heartworm month dose.  Flea & Heart Worm Started products such a Sentinel or Program Plus will be used. 
  20. Written guarantee for Health. Replacement protection for Genetic / Hereditary Life Threatening conditions for 1 year (5 year plan add $500.00 fee)
     when added with XIX.  This is available for Breeder of Merit litters only. 
  21. American or Canadian Kennel Club registration papers - Limited -  Non Breeding. 
  22. Introductory or 30 day Health Insurance - Complimentary AKC or other. 
  23. Sample of Kibble that your pup is currently eating & instructions to continue them on their healthy diet. 
  24. Sample of Prebiotics & Probiotics
  25. Knuckle chew - Bone for your pups healthy Happy chewing comfort 
  26. This level qualifies for purchasing Breeding rights - Pick pups will be eligible for Unlimited Registration or Co-Breeding Contracts, at an upcharge

Adopters Non Breeding Companion Elite Pet - Must Alter as per contract 
or be approved for Breeding Rights - Pick Breeding Puppy - fee of $1000 Unlimited AKC or CKC
Any or All owners considering breeding a Appleridge progeny SHALL - OFA 1) Hips, 2) Elbows, 3) DM (if applicable by parentage) 4) Official Title dog before any breeding.
Said dog(s) must pass Borderline or higher,(1)  normal  (2)  NN (3)  Titles must be official AKC recognized titles, CGC does not count. 
(4) Pick pups are tested by Appleridge before the pup leaves, unless parents are both NN (3)  No exceptions  

Professional Pups will be provided more personal items plus 
Professional 6' High Quality Leather Leash
 Bag of Wholesomes Kibble
Can of Wet Food your pup has been on
Soothing "Calming Bone" for the first night home
Red Barn Knuckle Bone 
Extreme Family Tree History full Color & Videos on SanDisk UHS-I Card
Worming Kit - All Wormer 
Road Kill Wonderful fur Friend rubbed on Mom & Littermates for soothing