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Appleridge proudly accepts Educational Award from AKC

 " doing our part to Educated humans on Canine Culture, Needs & Health, while doing our very best to produce the BEST GSD we can for you!"

Fun Family day-December 1  2018 at Citra FL My Mystic Oaks Farm
Appleridge & Appleridge Extended Fur Families enjoyed a Day on the Farm.  
Katie & Shadow, Steve & Wave, Sandi & Gage, Annette & Shockwave, Tom and Ink, Jan and Bella  (Left to Right) proudly present their FDC new titled dogs.  The cows, donkeys, cats and Possums all enjoyed our wonderful, well trained, German Shepherds.  Lola (our Papillion) came too with Nicole and  titled. 

Appleridges Is Excited to Share with you another great Year for OFA Hips & Elbows Ratings....  so proud
... A bunch of OFA Excellent Hips "Amazing" for the Breed

2018 Sunshine Autumn Sieger Show - Incredible Success 

Shockwave - Wins Family Group with the Help of 7 of his pups 
( #1 - Zuchtgruppe In Show)

Shockwave receives 2 - V1 (Very Excellent) ratings
International Champion & Honors Champion (IntCh & HnrCh)

Claus receives 5- V1 Ratings & International Champion
International Champion (INTCH)

Gage - receives 5 - V1 - Altered class ratings & 3 Best in Group Wins
International Companion Champion (IntCom)

Ruby - receives 5 - V1 - Best Of Breed Wins - Bred By Exhibitor
 International Champion (INTCH) 

Best in Show - Bred By Exhibitor 2 x 

The Puppies had an Amazing Day too !!!

"Handsome"  - 5x SG1 National Baby Champion  International Baby Champion & Honors Baby Champion 

"Angel"  - 5x SG1 National Baby Champion  International Baby Champion & Honors Baby Champion 

"Tequila"  - 5x SG1 National Baby Champion  International Baby Champion & Honors Baby Champion 

 Best In Show Puppy Bred By Exhibitor

"Rumor"  - 5x SG1 National Baby Champion  International Baby Champion & Honors Baby Champion

Reserve Best Puppy in Show 2x 

Our daughter Nicole in enjoying Junior Handling and has brought these lovely 4 lb darlings into our German Shepherd home.  Leo and Lola are enjoyed by all.  We are so proud of Nicole.  She has successfully completed International Championships on both. Lola also got OFA excellent hips. Both are Hips, elbows, patella's and more certified.  Even the cat enjoys these delightful, smart fur kids.  

Baby "Rum" Int Jr Champion & Honors Ch Appleridges Rum Runner wins big time coming home from her very first International show with Best in Reserve Show & Best in Show on the same week end.  

Our family fur kid "Wave" rolls into 1 with a big Splash. Incredibly wave gets 5 Best of Breeds and Multiple Group 1.. plus other Group placements at the 2017  Perry GAHoliday Sieger Show. 
  5x V1 International Champion Appleridges Waves at Sunset BN  CGC CGCA CGCU and now (p) OFA hips,-elbows- and DM NN 
   stunning mover and impeccable temperament with impressive diverse train-ability, This Shockwave & willow daughter exceeds all expectations for her first yr. We are in LOVE!. 
Update: Nov 4, 2018 - Wave gets 2 of her 3 needed legs to complete her Rally Novice Obedience Title.  

" Hammer" Handsome Oscar & Nikki son... Another title 
International Champion 5x V1 UKC Champion Hammers' Chronicles of Appleridge BN RN CGC CGCA CGCU RA PCD RE CD FDC RATI
 OFA hips - elbows- DM NN- DNA - eyes- heart  and more.....

So Beautiful and Brilliant "Essence" daughter of Shockwave & LolliPop.  National Jr  Champion International Honors Appleridges Captivating Essence BN RN PCD CGC CGCA CGCU OFA (p) hips "Good" Elbows"Normal" DM "NN" ... and best gal Pal, going everywhere in life together. In love :) 
Update: October 2018 - Essence titles in Trick Dog. Essence is enjoying learning fun tricks in Novice, Intermediate and Advance

Bentley - This handsome incredible guy is our newest Stud at Appleridge...has Acheived so much in such a young life, so far...  National / International/ Honors Senior Champion 
Appleridges Luxury Joyride of Fate CGC OFA H E (p) DM NN 
son of Java & Jack

Our very beautiful Barista achieves International Champion 3x V1 rated at the Sieger Show GA 2017  ......Daughter of Bear & Java

Axel gets Ofa hips prelims " Good" and DM NN
son of Shockwave & Shiloh.. Congrats Tara, he's so handsome

Suntan Christmas Kissed vom Appleridge BN PCD CD RN CGC CGCA CGCU OFA hips Elbows DM nn ... daughter of Torque & River

Brittany and Zelda complete their CD, BN, CGC and CGCA together sooooo proud of these wonderful Ladies that give each other so much together in life!  Judge & Lexi daughter.  

Larkin and her Mom complete an abundance of Obedience Titles in Canada -Appleridge family Congratulate them on a job well done!

Georgia completes her Rally Novice title with a Rosette and a smile from the Judge.  Int Champion Appleridges Georgia Girl II  RN CGC CGCA CGCU OFA H E DM .... and more  

At the Peach State Summer Sieger Show in July 2017

Kadience & Atticus- Fate's Southern Sovereign V Appleridge earned his National Baby Championship with 3 SG1 ratings, 2 class wins, 1 Best Puppy In Breed and 1 Best Puppy In Group. Georgia & Capone Son!  
Kadience & Georgia- Appleridge's Georgia Girl II Earned Best of Breed in all 4 shows, with 4 V1 ratings, and a Shepherd entry of 19.  She is now an International Champion. Judge & Gina Daughter!
Kadience & Bentley- Appleridge's Luxury Joyride of Fate won his class 2 out of 4 shows, earning 4 SG1 ratings in regular classes and 1 SG1 rating at the Express show making him now a National, International and Honors SR Champion. Java & Jack Son! Available on a co-own or outright.
Annette & Nefertiti- Nefertiti's Pride Vom Appleridge won her class 1 out of 2 shows,as well as Earned Best By Adult in Breed and Group Placing for Best By Adult in Herding Group. She ended up with 3 V1 from Regular showing and Express to now become an International Champion! Judge & Nikki Daughter!
Annette & Essence- Appleridge's Captivating Essence won her class 2 out of 4 shows. She ended up with 4 SG1 ratings from regular classes and 1 SG1 ratings from the Express show to allow her to earn her National, International and Honors JR Championships.  Shockwave & Lolli Daughter!
Annette & Duke- Appleridge's Debonair Duke competed in 2 shows and an express show to earn 3 V1 ratings, so he is now an International Champion! He is a Deacon & Loni son owned and loved By Donna & Mark!
Karen & Tesla- Appleridges Tesla Shock Prodigy completed 4 regular shows and 1 express show for 5 V1 ratings to make her an International Champion! Shockwave 
& Porsche Daughter! 
Karen / Annette & Thor- Received 5 SG1 ratings for his National /International and Honors JR Championships. Thor is a Hammer & Hanna Son!
Karen & Tara- Received 5 sg1 ratings for her National/ International and Honors JR Championships. Tara is a Shockwave & Whiskey daughter! 

Great Week End at Perry Georgia Peach Cluster AKC Dog Show
 April 12- 15th 2017 
   Georgia, Shockwave, Hammer all get OFA Heart Certified - Normal.
 Hammer gets a Rally Excellent leg (RE)
Serenity (Onna & Shockwave)daughter- at 10 months has achieved her RN and CGC
Essence ( Lolli Pop & Shockwave) daughter - at 6 months has achieved her Rally Novice title plus CGC, CGCA. 
 both had impressive scores of above 88/100 to complete their RN. 
Hammer, Shockwave get OFA Eyes Certifed 

Norcross Obedience Show - GA
Serenity ( Shockwave & Onna) Finishes her Beginner Novice Obedience title at  9 months of age. Impressive scores all above 192/200. 
Lolli Pop finishes her Companion Dog Obedience CD with a 197.5/200

Ink & Kadience get 5 SG1 & Best Puppy In Breed Ratings in a row to complete not only her National Jr Puppy Championship, but also her International Jr Puppy Championship, and her Honors Jr Puppy Championship!! So proud! 

Barista gets 3 V1(b) ratings in the weekend to complete her Intl Championship!

Annette & Shockwave get 2 V1 (c) & 1 V1(d) ratings in a row to complete his Intl Championship.

Hammer gets 2 V1(b) & 1 V1 (a) Ratings in a row to complete his INTL Championship. Thank you Kadience for the handling perfection

Kadience & Cheyenne get a leg on their RA- Dec 2016- Norcross,GA

Kadience & Hammer complete their RA- Dec 2016- Norcross,GA

Annette & Echo complete their RN- Dec 2016- Norcross,GA
Echo gets 97/100 98/100 and a 100/100

Kadience & Romance complete their RN with class placings -Dec 2016- Norcross,GA

Annette & Logic complete their RN- Dec 2016-Norcross GA

Annette & Lolli Complete their RE ! Dec 2016- Norcross GA

Kadience & Georgia take Best of Breed over 2 Champions & A Grand Champion and then on to take a Group 4th! September 2016

Annette & Skye get their UKC Championship in one weekend- September 2016

Kadience and Java get their RN! Atlanta Show- August 2016

Logan & Echo get their 1st leg on their RN! Atlanta Show- August 2016

Logan & Mercy get 2 legs on their RN! Atlanta Show- August 2016

Kadience & Hammer complete their PCD winning a run off and class placings in the process! Atlanta Show- August 2016

Logan & Raisin get their last leg on BN with a 4th place! Atlanta Show- August 2016

Annette and Heaven get their 2nd BN leg. Atlanta Show- Aug 2016

Kadience & Oscar get their first leg on his BN with a 1st place! They also complete Oscars RN! Atlanta Show- Aug 2016

Jade gets her RN!- Atlanta Show- Aug 2016

Cookie gets her BN- Atlanta Show Aug 2016

Starburst gets her GN- Atlanta Show Aug 2016

Chelsey and Oakley get their first leg on their CDX with a 2nd place. Atlanta Show- Aug 2016

Logan and Christmas complete their CD at the Atlanta Show- Aug 2016

Annette & Nikki get their final leg of their BN. As well as they complete their RN. Atlanta Show- Aug 2016

Kadience & Hammer get their 1st leg on their PCD with a 1st place!
Chamblee Show-August 2016

Raisin & Logan get their 1st & 2nd legs on their BN with 1st place x 2. Chamblee Show- August 2016

Annette & Nikki get their 1st leg on their BN with a 2nd place. Chamblee Show-August 2016

Christmas & Logan get their 1st leg on their CD with a 4th place. Chamblee Show- August 2016

Onna & Kadience Complete their PCD at Chamblee Show,August 2016 with a 1ST Place!

Hammer takes Best Male, Best of Winners, Best of Breed over 4 Champions and a Grand Champion as well as a Group 4th to FINISH his UKC Championship!! WOW!

Georgia takes Best female at the UKC show in Carrolton ,July 2016

Hammer takes Best male and Best of Winners at the UKC show in Carrolton, July 2016!

Hammer takes Best Male at the UKC show in Carrolton. July 2016

Barista takes Best Female, Best of Winners, Best of Breed over 4 Champions and a grand Champion as well as a Group 3rd at her 2nd UKC show in Carrollton. July 2016

Hammer takes Best Male & Best of Winners at the UKC show in Carrolton. July 2016

Barista takes Best Female at the UKC show in Carrolton. July 2016

Kadience and Georgia take 1st place in their Conformation class both days at the Greenville cluster! July 2016

Kadience & Oscar go 2 for 2 and get the first 2 legs on his RN at the Greenville Cluster. July 2016!

Annette & Lolli finish their RA at the Greenville SC cluster! July 2016

Taylor with her Appleridge girl Jules gets 2 legs on her BN at only 6 months old. Lawrenceville show June 2016!

Kadience & Loni complete their RN at the Lawrenceville show June 2016!

Annette & Shockwave get their final RE leg at the Lawrenceville show June 2016

Logan and Christmas go 3 for 3! New PCD title and 2 first places in the process!! At the Lawrenceville show June 2016!

Annette & Lolli get 2 legs on their RA in Lawrenceville!
 June 2016

Chelsey & Oakley smash out another 2 legs and 2 first places to finish their CD in Iowa! June 2016

Annette and Shockwave get 2 legs on his RE at the Perry Cluster! May 2016

Kadience & Cheyenne get their BN at the Perry Cluster! May 16th!

Brittany & Egypt achieve their BN at the Perry Cluster! May 16th

Annette and Lolli achieve their PCD at the Perry Cluster! May 16th

Annette & Logic get a first leg on their BN at the Perry Cluster! May 2016

Kadience & Baron breeze through both a BN & RN at the Perry cluster! May 2016

Kadience & her girl Georgia breeze through 3 trials with a 90 and 2 96's to earn a 4th place and a RN! She is now Appleride's Georgia Girl II BN RN CGC CGA CGCU OFA DM NN

Chelsey & Oakley  get 2 1st places and 2 legs on his CD in Iowa! May 2016

Shockwave takes a 3rd place to complete his PCD at 11 months!

Taylor/Starburst " Appleridge's Starburst to Fame BN RN CGC Can now add CD to her ever growing name at only 8 months old! So Impressive! Keep it up ladies!

Zelda and Brittany knock out a RN in 3 for 3 including a 99/100!! Way to go ladies!

Chelsey & Oakley fly out of Atlanta with their BN,  3 for 3 and all scores in the 90s!

Kadience & Trip get their CGC &  BN in at  7 months!

Koda & Carol are a certified Pet Therapy Team at only 1 year old!

Taylor & Star get their CGC & BN at 6 months!

Brittany & Zelda get their CGCA & BN in one show!

Kadience & Cheyenne get their RN 3 for 3 at 7 months of age!

Taylor & Heaven complete their RN!

Jessie with Team handler Dan get their CGC / Zeus (Lab) and Mom get their CGC too! 

Appleridge Proud - " Rayden" keeps knocking out the titles ... litter being bred from Rayden & Java in January 2016 
- Sudbury Canada

Canadian News - Pat & Miley get team get a CDX for Appleridge
 April 2015  brings another title - Rally Novice ( RN)

Deb & Wyatt just get their first leg on their Companion Dog Obedience Title March 2015

Deb & Wyatt awarded Canine Good Neighbour - 
for the Appleridge Team -Caledonia Ontario Canada 

Abi - Co-Own breeding girl in Ontario practicing her " come" working on her obedience title now.... September 2015.  Watch for all of the exciting updates..... 

 " Breeder of Merit "  

Appleridge USA Branch Awarded from American Kennel Club 
we are sooooo honored to receive this award! 
Annette Awarded 100% on Evaluator Canine Good Citizen Judging Testing.  March 2015 - 600/600 Test 100%

Appleridge Shockwave Time Stands Still 
OFA prelims - Hips "good" Elbows  "Normal" DM "Normal" 
Shockwave gets 2 - 1st Place - High in Class awards for his first 2 legs towards his CD (Companion Dog - Obedience) Jan 23,24 2016

Hiccup gets her BN Obedience title at 6 months

Echo from the Past vom Appleridge BN CGC CGCA CGCU PCD 
OFA Hips Elbows (prelim) DM NN by parentage

Lolli Pop & Oscar's daughter Echo climbs to the top of the "perfect" scale quickly in her young 9 months of life.  Great job, baby girl!

Photo shoot day " Judge turns 4 years young" 

Appleridges Never Say Never Judge CD RN BN CGC CGCA CGCU 

Judge and several of his dog friends successfully get their CGCU

Another extremely successful week end for Appleridge 
 3 Rally titles 2 BN titles Excellent job girls & dogs ! 

Hammer gets his off leash training perfected... He now has achieved his BN RN CGC CGCA & CGCU ............and currently competing for CD at Atlanta & Alabama shows in October 2015  

Hammer gets his clean bill of health too! OFA hips Elbows and DM NN by parentage.   
Time to celebrate !!!! To our  Future Stud Dog !!

Baby Girl Onna acheives a Companion Dog Obedience title with Best Friend Taylor at her side.  Way to go Ladies!  
 Appleridges Onna Reputation Vom Rosie BN CD CGC OFA H E DM

daughter of Rosie & Oscar  @ 11 months of age

Hannah and Kevin proudly get accepted into MO SAR Team
   Appleridge is soooo proud of this incredible Team!
(Hannah is a Lolli Pop & Oscar daughter)

Four more titled Appleridge dogs in Obedience 
" Great week end in Savannah  Goergia" 

"Justice"    Rally Novice Title 
Appleridges Justice for All  BN RN CGC CGCA OFA hips/elbows/DM NN 

"Dixie"   Dixie Belcher vom Appleridge BN CGC OVC H E 
(DM NN By Parentage)

June 13th 2015 - Community Canine Evaluations Event - 
5 awarded Successful CGCA passes at Bradley Mall & Lucky Dog 

Moses- Mighty Moses - BN CGC CGCA OFA H E DM NN

Wendy & Skye take home their CGC CGCA 

Tacoma & Chris get CGC & CGCA 

Caycie & her Dane achieve CGC & CGCA

CGC had a large turn out with many Fabulous dogs passing to become  Canine Good Citizens

Appleridge's Entertaining Jesse, CGC  and Zeus, CGC (LAB)

Taylor helps Whiskey's owners Trial her for her 
BN Obedience Title. 
  Whiskey gets 2 legs in Huntsville Alabama 

Judge gets another RN leg and a 1st in Class with a 99/100 score

Justice gets RN score of 91/100 ~ Judge gets 94/100

Taylor handles Dixie Belcher to take a 3rd in Class for another BN Obedience leg at Huntsville Alabama 

Annette & Judge get 1st in Class BN 
son of Cher & Maverick

"Peaches" Awarded BN Obedience Title at Perry GA - Handled with love and care by Caycie (daughter of Moonshine & Phoenix)
Appleridges Your My Georgia Peach OFA Hips Elbows DM NN BN 

Porsche and Taylor evaluated - 3rd in Class - Another Rosette !
daughter of Pixie & Romeo

Sugar Sweet Dreams vom Appleridge BN CGC OFA H E DM
Catoosa & Oscar daughter

Lifes Great Pleasures Java vom Appleridge BN OFA H E DM 
"Java"  daughter of Juliet & Oscar

Kitty Kat Kido vom Appleridge BN OFA H E 

"Christmas" Taylor & Christmas @ 6 months
Appleridges Suntan Kissed Christmas BN CGC
daughter of River & Torque

Another leg and another 3rd in Class for their BN Posche & Taylor
daughter of Pixie & Romeo

Momma Miea Mercedez vom Appleridge & Taylor
achieving their BN.  Great Job Ladies! Skye x Oscar daughter

"Porsche" Appleridges Porsche Pirie BN CGC - 3 Rossettes-New Title. So proud of Taylor and Porsche pulling off the impossible in such a short time.  Lovingly owned by Karen & Family ... Enjoy!

Romance takes 2nd highest score for her BN Evaluation in the Class 196/200 daughter of Moonshine & Oscar

Taylor & Dixie going for Canine Good Citizen examination
daughter of Wendy & Deacon

Perry Georgia - Taylor showing off Appleridge Canine Good Citizen & -AKC Community Canine dogs... Judge, Java, Christmas

Judge has a busy day - CGC & CGCA & Heart OFA & Eyes OFA
Appleridges Never Say Never Judge BN CD CGC CGCA OFA H E HEART EYES DM DNA 

Romance gets 191.5/200 for her BN with Annette

Java and Taylor win run off for 2nd place and another BN pass
195 / 200 score daughter of  Juliet & Oscar

BN Title  for Rolex & Taylor 
Remarkable Rolex vom Appleridge BN CGC CGCA OFA H E DM
daughter of Rayna & Oscar

Annette & Java get a ribbon for BN Obedience
Lifes Great Pleasures Java vom Appleridge CGC CGCA OFA H E DM

BN leg for Rolex & Taylor 
Remarkable Rolex vom Appleridge  CGC CGCA OFA H E DM

The Herd of GSD's all achieve their CGC & CGCA for a stunning day of accomplishments for Appleridge dogs & handlers

Judge: Patria Pierce
Taylor with Skye & Rolex
Caycie with Sophie
Annette with Java & Cat 

Caycie & Sophie win 4th place out of a class of 15 & earn L 1BN
daughter of Secret & Judge

Sophie is a Judge & Secret daughter

Taylor & Skye achieve their BN at 7 months of age
Perry Georgia USA
Shimmering Silk Syke vom Appleridge BN CGC CGCA DM
2 x in the Rosettes with a Baby daughter of Wendy & Deacon

Caycie & Sophia get BN Title - Perry Georgia 
3x Evacuated and 2 x in the Ribbons
done & done.... 
Appleridges Sophisticated Sophia BN CGC CGCA OFA H E DM 

Annette & Justice Jr  - Perry GA Show
Appleridges Justice For All BN CGC OFA H E DM 

Taylor and Kitty Kat take a ribbon for BN Obedience
daughter of Calipso & Oscar

Kitty Kat gets great news from OFA - Healthy Hips & Elbows

Judge & Annette doing it again, .....
to Finishing another Obedience Title

Baby Silk Skye wins in the Ribbons for her first Obedience Trial 

Jazzi Finishes her Obedience BN AKC Title with a 2nd High in Class

Jazzi gets great news from OFA - Healthy Hips & Elbows

Taylor , Jazzi, Sugar, Annette, Summer, Georgia & Judge 2nd & 4th

Georgia and Annette,  take home a New Obedience Title & Rosette in Birmingham Alabama, daughter of Judge & Gina

Halo and her Mom Julie get their title!
 Hanna's litter sister, another Judge daughter "Star Puppy" 

Judge & Havanna daughter receives fabulous health news back from OFA - Perfect hips & Elbows 

Taylor and Summer win another Obedience Rosette :) 

Judge home after winning High in Class Obedience at Lawrenceville  Show " showing off stand stay off leash"
son of Oscar & Lolli Pop

Taylor & Mighty Moses get their Obedience Title at Atlanta

Rolex & Taylor receiving Ribbon placement for Obedience Title
taking the run off! 

Tacoma & Taylor - In the Ribbons again for a Obedience Title 
son of Judge & Farrah

Tacoma gets great news from OFA - Healthy Hips & Elbows

Taylor pulls off the impossible- Trialing and winning with 3 pups in one day  - Obedience Trial legs for all 3  Moses, Tacoma, Rolex

Ona gets her Obedience BN Title with Taylor
This very young puppy placed in the ribbons and brought so much joy to her handler Taylor.  Fabulous job girls! 

Saba - New BN Obedience Achiever 
 Lovingly owned and handled by Taylor  

"Justice" Gets his BN - Obedience Title as a Youth Puppy
son of Judge & Peaches

Taylor Steals the show pulling off 3 legs in one BN trial with 2 pups and her best friend Saba  :) 
Justice (Judge x Peaches), Ona ( Rosie x Oscar) 
& Saba( Boss x Sunny)   January 29, 2015

Ona (pup) Taylor and Saba (below) 
Griffin GA Kennel Club Jan 2015

Loni finishes BN Obedience Title with Dawn

Loni & Dawn get their first BN leg  189/200 score - Yahooooo!

Loni , Deacon, Georgia ( All 1 yr olds) Get BN legs 

Deacon & Skye Complete their BN Obedience Title 
 Rosette in hand!  Congrats you two! Great Job!

Georgia gets 194.5/200 for her BN leg " So proud" 
Georgia gets another obedience "leg" 2nd Place in Class 

Loni - gets OFA good hips & normal Elbows plus a leg on her BN

Loni Finishes her BN Obedience Title with Dawn - Chattanooga TN

It's a great day!!   Our new baby boy Justice gets OFA 
good Hips/ normal Elbows Dm Negative Negative 

Lolli Pop Finishes her BN with a 192 1/2 and a 2nd Rosette! Love you baby!  Thanks for a great job! 

Lolli Pop gets 2 legs for her Obedience  BN  at Atlanta
 199.5/200    &    198/200 .....one more to go!

Appleridges Moon River - Gets OFA Excellent Hips !
 Judge/Juliet & Moonshine's sister.

Appleridge's Major League OFA Excellent Hips Elbows Normal  

Another Maverick kid gets OFA excellent Hips !! Yahoooo!!!!! Moonshine's litter brother 

Appleridge's Yankee Doodle Dandy Onyx 
 Get's OFA Excellent Hips Rating - Yahooooooooo

son of Dianne's boy Phoenix & Moonshine 

" Judge" gets Companion Dog Obedience Title in Florida 

Nicole & Judge(tired) sharing a moment after winning his Cd title.  Judge was exhausted after the all night long drive, 12 hr drive to the show, in Florida.  We arrived 2 minutes before he went in the ring.  Super tight schedule, with a super finale.  Super excited !!!!  Thanks Judge, we make a great team! 189/200 score

Deacon gets another leg on his BN title 189.5/200 score FL

Judge & Deacon have a Great Week End in beautiful Ellijay GA

Judge had a Great Week-end at GSD Specialty

  Saturday - High in Trial GSD 

         High in Class Nov B 

         Leg for CD

  Sunday - High in Trial GSD 

         Leg for CD


Skye & Deacon 

- Great Job! -

Deacon takes home a leg for his BN plus

High GSD in Trial Unofficial Classes

High Scoring Dog in Trial - Unofficial Classes with a 190/200 score! 

Another batch of Appleridge dogs OFA DM Normal 
( no A/A) dogs this time either.  Yahoooooooo!!!!
Judge, Deacon, Oscar   Way to go Boys!!!

Dianne & Freedom go for the Gold! Scenting Instinct Certified

Yahoooooo Devin gets her OFA Hips & Elbows 

Another kid gets OFA prelims back  Yahoo!!!!!

Phyre and Dianne are out showing off " great teamwork" skills.  Companion Dog, Scenting and more.  Watch for lots of updates on this Maverick daughter and her Mom......
Appleridges Obsidian Treasure CD CGN OFA Hips/Elbows
Scent Detection Starter, now working on Scent Detection Advance - Good luck on June 21, 2014.

Zen Master and Mom , Joanne on a roll.  Tracking, Obedience and the latest OFA Hips & Elbows.......Yahoo!!!  We are sooo Proud of both of you!!! Keep up the great work. Bossx Cher 

Lilly.... gets her OFA Hips & Elbows.  Way to Go girl!!!

Our Handsome Judge is Certified HD free - Excitement to say the Least! 
 OFA Hips - Good   OFA Elbows Normal   DNA

Judge will be doing his COmpanion Dog Obedience title trials on May 31 in Georgia.  Wish us all Good Luck!

 Juliet's is Judge's 1/2 sharing the same Dad, the Very Famous " Maverick" 

Thank you Julie for allowing us to use your Wonderful Boy

"Appleridge's Obsidian Treasure aka "Phyre" SDDA Starter Qualifier CD CGN PS Zen did great too!"

Rayden and Sherri get their BH - Congratulations to your Fabulous Team!! 

Hello Annette,
I hope that this email finds you doing well. I just wanted to let you know that two weekends ago, Rayden got his CD title in Winnipeg. He passed 3 legs that weekend (only needed 2 but did an extra for good measures). He went Highest in Class 2 of 3 and Highest GSD in class with a 186.5 score. I was very proud of him.....just thought that you might want to know. I sent you the pic from the weekend.....he's my handsome boy! The breeding that I thought took, didn't so have to wait but I could have sold his pups on the spot....he was a REAL hit! He's got the best temperment and I just love his look and demeaner. This coming weekend he will try for his BH again and will have no troubles.....I will let you know :o)
Thank you again for this special boy....just love him!

Sherri Campbell
Gemline German Shepherds

Our beautiful girl Juliet is Certified HD Free- Congrats to our daughter 
    OFA Hips Good  OFA Elbows Normal  

 Ch Appleridges Your the One SG CGC OVC H E
Dakota makes " 15 years young" September 2013
Congrats old boy! Lucky
Becky &  Gord
( grandpa to soooo many fantastic Appleridge kids)

Congratulations to Lexi for getting OFA Good Hips and Normal Elbows - Yahoo!

Axel passed the CGC test tonight on his first try. We are going to beginner rally next. This is one smart dog. Look how beautiful his coat has come out.
                                 Thanks for such an awesome dog!
You called this dogs personality perfect. Everyone at the training center said they have never seen a GS with this type of demeanor, they all love him. Hats off to you! If You are ever in NC we would love for you to see him.  Axel completed 2nd obedience class tonight. Best in class again. Thanks for the great foundation, look how his color has come out. Beautiful and smart. Thanks to you!Axel and me after our 4th week of puppy class. He is the star of the class! This pup is amazing. He takes In everything he is taught like a sponge. Thanks for the great start you gave him. He's close to 50 lbs and his colors are awesome. Thank you so much!
Ps he is getting a headband for Halloween and going to be axel rose.
I have been everywhere and love everybody. You hit the personality dead on. This guy is amazing. We both thank you so much.
Axel and Dave

Karen & Larkin - another title...

Annette, Larkin (Appleridge Dream Catcher) got her third leg in CKC Rally Novice today at the Kars Dog Show. It was extremely hot and sunny-in the 30s Celcius (90s Fahrenheit). She got a 92/100. It was the first year for Rally there so a very small show. Only 7 dogs but 92 was the highest score. All the dogs wanted to hit the kiddy pool supplied for cooling off. There was only 1 dog in Excellent so we volunteered to be the Honor dog.

           Hope all is well. Karen

 Larkin (Appleridge Dream Catcher CGN, PCD and now RN

We just came back from a CARO rally trial.  Larkin got her novice title with a 4th (188), a 2nd (196) and a 3rd (192).  Didn't take any photos this time.  The trial was indoors but it was pouring outside and too dark inside.  Fall has arrived here with changing leaves and a very quick drop in temperature.  Went from shorts and the 20s°C to 2°C in two weeks.  No complaints from me.  All the bugs are gone.  Karen.

I finally got around to getting the photos organized. Sorry it took so long.  I've been really busy with horse shows and a national church convention.   Larkin (Appleridge Dream Catcher CGN, PCD and now RN) got 2 firsts and a second in the two Rally shows she competed at.  I've also sent a second photo in a separate email of her jumping through a tire.  It's a nice action shot.  The neurologist said not to do agility with Larkin because of her neck injury.  She very occassionally has hind end awareness lapses so the dog walk would potentially be an issue because it is so high off the ground if she did fall.  But, I have a friend with agility equipment set up and we just go and play on the equipment and skip the dog walk.  Larkin thinks tunnels are great, so are teeter totters and A frames.  Jumps are not nearly challenging enough.  She is also having fun learning to weave.  It's a nice change to do stuff just for fun.  We are hoping to compete in CARO rally this fall and if all goes well Novice obedience in the winter.  Best wishes.  Karen.

Judge gets a wonderful report - Hips and elbows are Dysplasia free  - Off to a great start in Life!


Moonshine gets her Hips and Elbows certified HD free





Newest Canine Good Citizen's of the extended family. 

Congratulations Parents.

Michelle and Frankie (Gina x Lincoln) have a wonderful day and finish with their

new title proclaiming to the World  "Great Owner , Great Dog" Aug 27/11

Caycie and Precious (Sunny x Santana) have a wonderful day and finish with their

new title proclaiming to the World "Great Owner , Great Dog" Aug 27/11






Please come back and check on updates.. This is a new page for us so we do not have many brags or updates here! Thank you for your patience.


       New Champion "Rayden" Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Sherry Campbell and Rayden hit the show ring like fast and furious, finishing his Championship as fast as it all began.  At just over a year of age Rayden impressed the judges with his movement type style and looks without over the top angulation.  We are so very proud of this owner dog team.  Ch Appleridge Every Wish, son of Pixie -ML Appleridge Everlasting OFA H E CGC DNA AKC CKC and General Lee-Sanhedrin's Lion Heart OFA DNA AKC CKC "  Congrats to Janice Armstrong too! she made General Lee.


  Secret and Charlie are off off and away.  3 points towards her Championship and full steam ahead.  Great job Charlie.  Great team!  Thanks for everything, we are so proud of both of you!  Kudos to Leif too!

 Appleridges Dream Katcher receives her CGN

 Congratulation to both Karen and Larkin for your wonderful achievement.  We look forward to hearing of your next success, girls! Kudos!    Larkin is the daughter of Sunny and Santana of 2009


Charlie and Sky receive their CGC and 2 points towards their Championship in America.  Appleridges Platnium Sky daughter of Xavier and Chardonnay 2009 litter

JULY 2010

I’m sure you folks don’t remember me. We got our very first GSD from Appleridge almost 10 years ago. WOW so much has gone on since then. Anyway, I’m now in the New York State Police canine unit and have 2 great GSDs. Attached is a photo of July (my Appleridge dog) and a “trophy shot of Cully (my working dog).






June 2010- Coal gets her OFA hips & elbows certificate

September 2009

General Lee receives his OFA "Good" for his hips.  He has just completed his DNA profile as well.  He is now proudly added to our boys at stud pages. Please inquire about is amazing pedigree. He also got his DNA.





 Promise receives her OFA "Good" for his hips.  She has just completed her DNA profile as well.

 Gina  receives her OFA "Good" for her hips.  She has just completed her DNA profile as well


July 2009-

Joy(Jake x Mercedez daughter) wins with her daughter Best Brace in Show at Woodstock Ontario Dog Show. (picture coming) Congtrat's Danica and Pat Webb.

General Lee receives his OFA "Good" certification for Hips, He's excited to be added to the breeding boys list!

Boss- receives his OVC "Good" Hips & Elbows certification, He's excited to be added to the breeding boys list!

Diesel recieves his OVC hip certification and is excited that Mom and Dad (Kim and tim Elliott) will now offer him at stud.  Diesel is a Santana son by Sheeba.  If you like old style real german looks and attitute with lots of pigment and drive, yet sweet sweet family dog...this boy will pass on those qualities.

January 2009

Boss gets his last point needed to finish his Championship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Great job Boss.  2 reserves then finsihing with Winners Dog and Best Opposite Sex

December 16, 2008

23 of 25 dogs participating in our Canine Good Neigbour Test Day Passed!!!  Thanks Jean Martin for all your help and wonderful Evaluaion skills.  We look forward to having you back to do more dogs. 

November 2008

Irish gets her Companion Dog Excellent (CDX) and finsihes in style with a bang!

A very respectable 192 under Peter Stewart.  Irish receives 4th in a class of 18

at the International Center in Toronto. The girl of my dreams!! 

I will love you forever my very special companion. 

Words cannot say how I feel about you and your love to please me. 

Thank you Irish for your dedication. Love Mom, Annette    

Zinnio Irish vom Appleridge CDX HIC TT CGN Urban Dog CGC

High GSD in Trial


Purina Nationals Charity Event of the Year 2008 Tillsonburg

Havannah & Crimson receive a 4th in Trial(Obedience). First time in the ring, ever, 

this duo of youth (Crimson 15 and Havannah 20 mths) find themselves in the

excitement of acheiving their first CD leg with a 182/200 score.

We are so proud of you two GIRLS!!! (picture coming)

Chatham- Boss - The young lad pulls of another Best of Breed. Boss moves so

incredibly for a big boned heavy built boy.  He is a fabulous tribute

to his famous mother (Princess) and father(Lincoln).

Trouble- Best of Opposite Sex to Boss, a respectable win at Chatham. 

Thanks baby girl for your sweet and loving charm towards the Judges. 

 You make the breed look good!


October 2008

Irish gets High In Trial GSD at London Canine Association Trial

Thank you Isobel Hutton & Dell Lunn for your wonderful Judging.

Irish achieves a 191 1/2  and 192 of 200 possible points

- for two legs - Open B - Companion Dog Excellent 



Renegade gets his Championship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Champion Appleridges Red Reflection OFA-Excellent 

Renegade is a son of Kit and Cody

Champion Kubistraums Code Red (USA)OFA Herding Champion Excellent

Champion Appleridge's Dynamic Kit Kat OVC CGC


September 2008

Safari gets her Championship!!

Congrats to the team of Tracy "Safice Kennels" and Safari! 

Champion Appleridge's New Sfari CDX OVC H/E HIC CGN CGC TT


A Sheena x Dakota daughter that is so deserving of this honor. 

Beauty and Brains. Tracy, remind me please if I forgot any titles...your've been busy!

Xaver Gets his Championship!! 

Congratulations Danica, Tanya  and "X" for a job WELL DONE!

This amazingly handsome versitile

enjoyable sweet tempered boy is a joy and blessing to the breed. 

Champion Appleridge Medallion Incognito CD OVC H/E HIC TT CGN

X is available for stud now! son of : Cowboy & Cali  We could not be prouder!


Howie & Reba get  1st Place and win it BIG!

for Open A at the GSDCC Nationals plus 2 legs on his CDX!


Another great accomplishment at such a young age. Congrat's  Dianne and Phyre  under 1 year and already sop many accomplishments. BP Appleridges Obsidian Treasure CD CGN daughter of: Princess & Lincoln









Unbelievable Jump- Incredible, Wow!!!!!!!! Great Team!

Appleridge's Luck of the Irish CGN Rally Titled "Abby" & Linda

working hard having fun! : daughter of Irish and Cowboy


Phyre- Princess x Lincoln daughter- gets her Companion Dog Obedience title at under 1 year!

Congrats to Dianne and Phyre- What an accomplishment in a single week end at Rockwood.


Renegade - gets 2 more points towards his Championship! 1 to go !


Boo gets her Companion Dog Obedience title with Pat!!!  Fantastic team, we are all so proud of you both!

May 2008

           *****NEWS FLASH******

 Ch ptd (8) Appleridge's Nortel CDX HT CGN TT HIC HITx1 

OFA Excellent hips, OVC cert hips & elbows


 ( Ch Appleridge's Outfielder CD, CGN, OFA OVC x Ch Appleridge's Blazing Babe, CD, CGN OVC )

#3  GSD in obedience in Canada for 2007

 *****NEWS FLASH******

Maverick is ranked #3 GSD in Canada in obedience for 2007!!! All before 2 years of age!  WOW!


May 17/08-Boo compleates the requirements for her COMPANION DOG title at the German Shepherd Speciality of London Obedience Trials! Way to go Boo and Thank you Pat for all your hard work with  Boo. Boo was bred by Tracy Jones-Cogdon and owned by Annette Sackrider. She is a Can Ch Appleridge's Ice Princess CGC OVC x Triple Ch Baa Baa Black Sheep Of Eden CGC TDI TC OFA

Boss did it again!  Best of Breed, Best Puppy in Breed, Winners Dog and Best of Winners for 2 more points from Senior Puppy. Phyre (Boss's sister) pulled off a Best of Opposite Sex, while Renegade recieved reserve winners dog.  Congrats to Dianne - great job showing. 

4 more appleridge dogs get certified for good hips and elbows

April 2008

Maverick takes a High In Trial!!!!   Congrats!  Julie & Maverick!  "WE ARE ALL JEALOUS" Go team Go !   Beauty, Brains and OFA Excellent hips plus OVC hips/elbows 

Ch ptd Appleridge's Nortel CDX HT CGN HIC TT

OFA Excellent (GS-78157E26M-PI) OVC H/E " Maverick"


Annette, thank you for breeding such an incredible dog and

allowing him to come live with me. He is my soul mate and I

cannot tell you how much he means to me. I came to you and

told you what I was looking for. You delivered that 150%.

He is my heart dog and I will always be grateful to you for having bred him

and sent him to me. Thank you :o)








**Montana gets his Companion Dog Title !!!! at Chatham with a rossette (Irish x Santana ) son.  Great Job David and Montana!  We knew you could do it!  We look forward to the picture.


**Boo and Pat get two legs towards her Companion Dog title.  Yeah!!! go girls Go !!!


** Xaver and Danica get two more points towards their Championship! at Chatham.  Yeah!!!!  1 more point to go.

**Boss- on the move again with a Best of Breed & Best Puppy in Breed from Junior Puppy.  More points for this outstanding young son of Princess2 and Lincoln. 

**Phyre- Boss's litter mate takes Best of Opposite Sex.  Congrats to Dianne and Phyre for your very first show day and win! Thanks Kari for your excellent help in handling Phyre.

Thanks and Congrats to Everyone that Helped make the All About Pets Show booth successful again this year.  What a wonderful Week End.  Professor Stanley Coren attending our booth was Exceptional!!!

March 2008

Scandal takes top honours! Scandal went out as a special to the 12th Annual Nickel Classic Black Tie Event : Scandal took a Group 2nd,winning over some top winning competition! See picture below!

Maya takes WB,BOS in Sudbury,Ontario for 2 more points! Congrats Michelle and Maya!

Maverick takes WD x 2 BOW in Sudbury,Ontario for 4 more points! Congrats Julie and Maverick!

Renegade gets WB for 2 more points in Sudbury,Ontario (March 28/2008)

Thanks everyone for your help and attendance at the 15th Annual 

                      "All about Pets Show"  in Toronto.   It was a wonderful success.  Hope everyone got to see us on TV with our wonderfully behaved GSD's all together in our booth and at the Parade of Breeds.

Appleridge received an wonderful honour to been interviewed by Dr. Stanley Coren, one of Canada's Top Behaviouralists and TV Canine Personality.  We look forward to seeing our dogs on "Your Companion Dog" seen on the Pet Network and "Good Dog" throughout Canada in 2008. Chanel 268, 125, 192, and 141.