Appleridge Obedience Family German Shepherds 

Appleridge German Shepherds (423)457-3808 -Now in Atlanta GA, Annette text,phone appleridgegsd@hotmail.com 32 Years Dedication to Purebred Dogs , Atlanta, Cleveland, Ontario-CKC AKC Inspected and Approved

Miller Family;Appleridge AKC Registered German Shepherd

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Top Obedience & Family & Human Potential Assistance Dogs
 Canada & USA 
Because a Dog does make your life complete!

Breeder of Merit AKC Registered German Shepherd Dogs 
  We share our time between Atlanta GA and Ocala Fl USA
  We are blessed to have Family friends that Breed German Shepherd dogs of our Pedigrees all over USA & Canada

Irish German Shepherd Dog
professional trainer

Because your dog loves you more than you love yourself! Unconditionally

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The Human side of Appleridge 


Eric Nicole @ 3 years, Irish 9 years, Santana 11 years

(below) Michael -  growing up! 

Meet the Human Family!  

From our family to yours. 


Annette and Tom,the Twins, Eric and Nicole at 7 yrs and son  Micheal

  and Grandma,Helen

Tom & Annette and our 5 children.

The Doggies thank Daddy, Tom for all of his amazing love and care in making sure everyone have full tummies and cozy warm beds.  Mom, Annette makes sure everyone gets the very best love, training, titles, care and personal attention.  The children are all wonderful puppy socialize-rs.  We also want to thank the wonderful helpers, family, friends, handlers, co-op students, student trainers, upcoming breeder students and everyone that help to make this the loving kennel for our dogs to enjoy.  Many thanks to all of our Student & Employee trainers for their help with titling dogs, too.

 Much appreciation to our co-owner families that help make dreams come true too, for Families like yours.  

Creating Great dogs and Fantastic service dogs takes a lot of dedication and time.  To all that help make this journey possible for the individuals needing a Human Assistant Service dog, thank you from our hearts!. We support your trainers, family helpers and the people that make it possible to assist Individuals in getting, training and maintaining care for their Canine fur Friends.  Your help is so very much appreciated and needed.  

Wendy  German Shepherd Dog
Caycie Precious  German Shepherd Dog
Sabab German Shepherd Dog
Georgia show German Shepherd Dog

25 years later.... and Appleridge continues to help the World be a better place for all of us through knowledge and sharing of Knowledge for the betterment, of the of all of us. 

Service Dog Trainer Evauluations

 We have a Indoor Training Arena for those rainy days


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Now also in Georgia (Greater Atlanta) Peach Tree City area.  Our new country property offers the dogs 34 acres to run and play completely back from the road, offering them down time.  Training classes each Tuesday evening at 5 pm ( by appointment)Human Assistant Service dogs & obedience dog training and event preparation training. 

              Our Training Facilities  for dogs
Cleveland Tennessee please contact :
Debbie Tripplet 423-838-0491 


Come fly into Atlanta Georgia Airport - 

Join us for a Enjoyable Training -Stay 
 relaxing time while you learn your new Assistance dogs commands
 Guest suite, now available, to help you on your journey, to your new life with a best friend that is tailor made to share life with you.   Now enrolling for " Apprentice Trainer 2017 Program"

griffin GA location