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We no longer actively participate in GSD Rescue of NON Appleridge dogs. Thank you for your interest!

ADOPTED- Everything you could ever want in a dog! Rugby's family had to move in Toronto and he finds himself needing a new family and home.  Of no fault of his own this spectacular Companion Dog titled OVC Hip & Elbows cerfied HD free older Solid Black male is in need.  He adores children. He adores elderly. He is soooooo well mannered. He loves life and presents himself as a PERFECT GENTLEMAN on every occasion.
 Reg # 10980001 AKC & CKC registered. 

I've got a home- Thanks Everyone- Bear's litter Sister

Jewel is looking for a new home for Christmas!
Hi, my name is Jewel.  I am a young 7 year old medium size black and red German Shepherd Girl (Appleridge’s Precious Jewel) born Sept. 2, 2004.  My parents are Cheroke and Santa Fe (several titles, excellent pedigrees).  

I have always been a housedog, raised by a family with cats.  I am very gentle, with good obedience and manners.  I passed the Canine Good Neighbour Test at the age of 8 months, and have had basic puppy training and a bit of Level I training.  However, I do need a bit of work on not running away if let loose and also sometimes with the “come” command.

I prefer to be in the house with my family, rather than being outside.  I socialize well with other dogs.  I ring the bell if I need to go outdoors to eliminate.

I am in excellent health and am spayed, with rabies and shots up to date.  I am also micro chipped and tattooed.  I like to run in the yard every day.  I love to take walks, and am good on a leash.  I love treats, getting my belly rubbed, and especially getting groomed.  When my current owner is at work, I spend the day in the dog run outside.  Although I am crate-trained, I like to sleep on the floor next to my owner’s bed, to watch over during the night, and of course sleep.  I am also okay in the crate.

I am a good girl, and I don’t chew things.  However, I do like jumping on the door to get inside the house, but that’s about it.  I am afraid of thunderstorms, the sound of hard rain outside, and fireworks, but if you play music, that works for me most of the time.  If not, I like to be outside in my dog run to hear the sounds so I know what is going on.

My owner is not able to spend the time with me as before, so she is looking out for my best interest, and looking to find a forever home for me, hopefully before Christmas.

If you are interested in adopting me, you can also have any or all of the following items:  my dog crate, food, bowls, treats, toys, leash, training collar, winter jacket, toothbrush, toothpaste, brushes, training collar, lead, and even my dog run if you want.

If you are interested, please call Anne at 519-451-6171, or by e-mail at alamesse@live.ca


                                                                                      Adopted - thanks Everyone for getting this girl a forever home.                                                                           

 This well mannered wonderful girl is looking for a family that will love and cheerish her. Please contact us if you and your family wish to consider adopting Lucy.   

GSD Rescue - Since 1990

Girls and Boys available for adoption for companion pets.  Each have their own story to help you know if they will suit your home or lifestyle. We are looking for Forever Homes that will understand their special gift.  Adoption dogs require extra care for the first few weeks to help them understand that it is of no fault of their own that they find themselves in a new world.

ADOPTED-Currently we have only Harmony a trained family raised (by us) daughter of Bear and Cherise available spayed to a home that will appreciate her gentle heart and wonderfulo disposition. see Trained dogs page.


Adopted, Enjoy your new life sweet heart!

 Please Help save this amazing girl from her fate at the animals shelter.  This wonderful very well bred 6 year old Appleridge girl is microchipped, shots to date including rabies and is available spayed for $60 to a loving good family.  She is sweet and fun and very gentle yet alert.  Be her hero and get this wonderful girl today.  Please contact Maddy or Tracy at 519 469 3247

                  Appleridge's Limo Sierra

AdoptedCongrats Zues on your new family, good luck in your new life!

Zues- 1 year old male - sweet,  friendly, handsome, old style squarer medium-large boy.  Zues still has a puppy temperament and is looking for a fun situation to live, that love him and appreciate his happy nature.  We are working on his obedience.  Zues is already well mannered and pretty good on his leash.  House and kennel trained.

Adoptions change all the time and quickly, so please keep checking.  These fabulous dogs are always looking for people that care.  


Adopted  Cody- 6 months young - GSD rescue adoption - My new family are amazing and love me so much already.  I am the lucies boy ever! 

I have a great big heart with lots of love to give, but the doctors say I have a murmur.  I am very gentle, sweet very very affectionate and adore petting all day long.    I need a new family to love me no matter what! My doctors say I may live a very long time without any special care, but they can't tell me for sure unless I get a special test called a ECG. I have all my vaccines including my rabies shot.  I am to date with my Sentinel pills for worms and fleas.  All I need is a home. I really really love children too.  I love my Foster mom's children so much.  


I'm Adopted!!!!!    Ilsa Wilson- female- intact girl- 2 yrs- I'm in a fabulous new home, thanks to my new Daddy! I"M ADOPTED _ THANKS TO MY NEW MOM & DAD!!!)  Enjoy your life baby girl.  You couldn't ask for better new parents.  Love your life! love... Grandma and Granpa!

Holly-2 year old-spayed-female- Her obedience and manners are great.  Holly is a black and tan medium - large girl with old style solid build. This Santana x Abbey daughter is now training for high level manners and obedience.  Holly is not a kennel dog. She has been raised with family in the home.  Holly likes people and other animals.  Holly is a black /tan  large girl with a solid build like her father.  Holly is coloured the same as Santana.   Holly's Human Dad was allergic to her, so she needed to come stay at grandma and grandpa's house.  She is now in intese training to make her ready for a successful adoption. Holly's vet needs are to date.



Willow- 1 yr old- spayed- female- Cherise x Bear daughter is now trained and ready for your home. She is a delightful sweet attentive girl with lots of personality.   Willow is not a kennel dog.  She has been raised with family in the home. We welcome inquiries that are looking for a wonderful companion.   Willow likes people and other animals.  Her obedience and manners are great.  Willow is a black and tan medium - large girl with old style solid build. Willows' mom and dad could not stay together anymore, so she needed to come stay at grandma and grandpa's house. She is now in intense training to give her the very best chances for a successful adoption. Willows vet needs are to date.

Willow has found a home, Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I hope you love your new parents, sweetie.  Hope to see you at training really soon.  What a great Christmas your new parents are going to have with you!  Enjoy.