Appleridge Obedience Family German Shepherds 

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Family or Assistance Qualified

Appleridge is Proud of the Decades we've spent perfecting temperaments. Fabulous Family Dogs. Dogs that can have a task purpose plus be an valued loving member of your family, at the same time. When raised properly( just like kids), with correct educational instructions and calming (stabilizing drives)  the pups selected on this page present the qualities to excel as Super BFF's as Emotional Support Dogs, Autism Support Dogs, Mobility Assistant Dogs, Physical or Visual aids and even selectively PTSD.  This unique group of dogs will be tested to have exemplary temperaments as pups and calmer or super sensitive scenting or personalities, that have a incredible caregiver instinct.  They use scent and physical characteristic indications to determine that their human needs a task, or service provided by them.   It is a Life changing event to watch these dogs stirred into action, out of shear love for their team member.  Pack instincts so strong that they sacrifice for the good of their handler or shall we say Best friend.  Together with your Service or Emotional Support Trainer, these fur kids have the potential to grow into your personal assistant, and aid you to a  life for the better. We are always pleased to speak with your trainer, Family member or support staff about your special needs and whether a Appleridge dog could be that next amazing BFF. 

Upcoming Impeccable Retirees that qualify for Service Dogs with specific task imprinting for you, by your Trainer.

1) 2021  Thor - Hammer & Hanna -  OFA Hips, DM NN many many Temperament Obedience, and Temperament Certifications CGC CGCA CGCU.  Non Breeding ONLY