Appleridge Obedience Family German Shepherds 

Appleridge German Shepherds (423)457-3808 -Now in Atlanta GA, Annette text,phone appleridgegsd@hotmail.com 32 Years Dedication to Purebred Dogs , Atlanta, Cleveland, Ontario-CKC AKC Inspected and Approved


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Puppy Adoption Purchase -     "GSD" -   abbreviation  for          German Shepherd Dog

Deposit for pup -which will be applied to your purchase price of your pup. Deposits are non refundable after 24 hours, but gladly transferred to another litter within a 1 year period. if notice is given within 2 weeks of the "home"date for your initial pup adoption.

Appleridge Adoptions:

We welcome any and all questions that you may have about our dogs or contract options.

 An Affordable way to adopt a Great Dog that you'll have for many years of Companionship

AKC Registration papers (They are IMPORTANT to YOU and the BREED) proving:               

-Purebred GSD status of your new companion.

-Registered names and numbers of your companion and it's parents.

-Provable genealogy, showing concern for the preservation of purebred breeds

 for the future generations of humans to enjoy and breed.

-DNA -breed specific qualities for temperament, type, looks, movement,workability, health

     2.     4 weeks Pet Insurance - no charge health insurance with adoptions under 22 weeks of age.

-NuVet vitamins- 2 week supply to get your pup started on a life of great Health.

-DVD with 5 or more generations of your Pups pedigree, in full color. Full color DVD with training videos to help you learn the techniques to train your dog to perfection.  We are always glad to provide DVD upgraded videos of Obedience all the way to OTCH.

  3.     Puppy Pack - includes

 - Premium Dog Food sample your puppies first few days.

- 300 page manual, a comprehensive collection of articles for all stages of

life for your canine understanding training, feeding, vet and general health needs.

- 3 or more generational picture pedigree of your pup's family tree, complete with

documents verifying OVC or OFA HD promote a healthy dog and and help prevent disease. 

- Health Record Medical Lifetime Booklet

  4.     All pups going home will be:

- Vet checked with documentation

- wormed with documentation

- first heartworm medication administered

- ISO microchipped - AKC   tattoo- CKC

- vaccinated (to date - Veterinarian Documented)

- bathed, nails trimmed, ears cleaned

- adjustable puppy collar

- puppy started kit (Professional or Elite) with puppy food included 

- home raised with children and other animals

- introduced to crate training

- introduced to house training &  doggie door 

- raised with canine behavioral motivational social training techniques 

- raised with hands on, touch therapy, for better human animal bond development.

Appleridge Contract Options:

- USA Kinderplay Training Classes Included up to 6 months of age with B & C contracts.

- USA Obedience Social  Training - Class passes available life long  at a reduced rate

-BOTH Boarding  or  Board and Train available life long  at a reduced rate - at Tennessee Location "Canine Connection - Debbie Tripplett

-USA Private Classes, Private Consultations available life long  at a reduced rate 

-BOTH Behavioral Modification available life long  at a reduced rate email,phone,sms

-BOTH Advise ~ email, phone, in person available life long 

-BOTH-Re homing life long for Appleridge dogs in need, on a case by case basis.

-3 Unique Contracts available to acquire a Appleridge puppy. 

- Non Breeding  *  Co-Own   *  Breeding Options

For You Convenience and Budget planning we also offer

 Visa, Master Card, American Express, Debit, Discovery, ApplePay, Venmo, Zelle and Pay Pal 

  Long Distance Adoptions are a fact of life and we gladly provide you with references to make your adoption process delightful and successful. 

With an Approved Questionnaire Application, you may make a deposit for

your new companion through this site.   You will be informed by phone and or email

if you can reserve one of our very special puppies or dogs. A minimum deposit of $250 is required ALL ADOPTIONS MUST BE APPROVED BY ANNETTE SACKRIDER-MILLER.  If your application is not approved, your deposit will be refunded. All approved deposits are transferable to another litter within a two year period, if a litter does not merit a suitable matching pup for you, or your situation changes requiring the adoption process to be delayed.  

For deposits only. 

Please forward us your preferred litter choice, list, along with the preferred sex, your name,

address and phone #'s, so that your application and deposit can be matched. 

                           Thank you

$450 shipping, plus crate.  Buyer is responsible for any required Medical/Veterinarian required Documents for the plane. Appleridge prefers  United Pet Safe Program or Air Canada Temperature Controlled (NOT Cargo) shipping program when and if available. 

 delivery to Orlando or Jacksonville FL USA included. Additional charges may apply if indicated by airlines for flight requirements.  Crates for babies are $75 and will help you train your baby for the first weeks at home.  




We welcome your phone call 423-457-3808 or email or direct deposit email

contact to make deposit arrangements too.


Pet Puppy Adoption-Flying - puppies 8-12 weeks of age - Confirmed approved adoptions, please! Crate, delivery to airport, flight paperwork, international vet paperwork, flight cost plus taxes all organized by us professionally for you.


                     United States Adoptions --------------

Open Contract- 8 weeks of age - with approval and references ONLY

                                   Breeding / Show / Unlimited Puppy Adoption -USA

by request - please contact Annette 423 457 3808

Pick pups will be delivered for breeding dogs to protect the quality of the breed. It is our responsibility and duty as breeders to always consider that will will impact future generations through our actions and choices of breeding dogs.


$2500.00 Limited AKC & Microchip Monitoring for Life Included 


Pick pups will be delivered for breeding dogs to protect the quality of the breed. It is our responsibility and duty as breeders to always consider that will will impact future generations through our actions and choices of breeding dogs.

 Canadian Professional Litter Unlimited Open Contracts- Approved Homes Only

Puppies - Flying - World Wide Shipping - Please be advise that deliveries by Air included within these contracts allow for North America flights only.  There will be an additional surcharge for International travel based on quotes for flight and restrictions imposed by Country of receipt.


We ship via Air Canada or Northwest Air, unless otherwise requested by the Adoptive family. Flights are gladly arranged by us.  Deliver is now part of our packages as Airlines no longer accept COD.  Appleridge will gladly have pups health flight documentation  completed through our Vet, 5 days prior to the flight, at our expense. 

As of January 2008 we will no longer fly GSD Rescue or Adult dogs, alone.  One must attend the facility for these adoptions.

We thank you for your understanding in this matter, as older dogs, each, have unique needs and therefore adoptions are more successful in person. 

                    Purchase, Taxes, Crate, Delivery, Paperwork,

                  Flight, Vet docs, Book, Registration

$2500 Pup with limited AKC Papers, Microchip, Activated for Life, Certified Pedigree


We look forward to having You, as part of our extended Furry Family