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Annette Sackrider-Miller
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So Many Professionals have been concerned about too many stories of C-sections done early, resulting in "underdone" pups, fading pups, failure to thrive pups, failure of the bitch to produce milk for 2-3 days, failure of the bitch to accept pups, etc.

Too many times we are told "My breeder friend says to C-section on day ????"! AND owners schedule their bitches to elective surgery because some breeder "told" them to do a C-Section on such and such a day!!!!! This is very dangerous for your pups and your bitch. So go ahead and make your breeder friend happy and schedule the C-Section when they say, BUT do a progesterone that morning to make sure your bitch and pups are ready to whelp.

Proper hormone levels at whelping assure healthy pups and bitch. Most veterinary clinics and hospitals do not have access to same day progesterone tests to help time the elective C- Section, so they must rely on breeding dates supplied by owners....if owners even know the breeding dates and if the bitches were bred post ovulation!

When the progesterone drops to 2ng/ml, pregnancies cannot be maintained and parturition (whelping) is in countdown mode! All systems are "go" and a C-Section can be safely performed. Progesterone testing can determining if the progesterone has dropped to 3ng/ml. which is a safe time to do the C-Section.


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