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There has been new discussion whether Dominance is an inherited trait or one that is developed due to circumstances and opportunity. Science continues to advance in animal science fields. I am pleased to see studies by humans to understand the creatures that share life with us, rather than always assuming we have the ultimate say in what and who lives or dies around us. Man can be so kind, yet so brutal and a dominant force on this planet. We must all remember to find the “KIND” in us and share the experience of life with all creatures. Thank Goodness they do not judge us as hard as we judge them. Scientists are discussing whether Dominance is something we are born with, or instead that the circumstance we find ourselves in make individuals into Dominant or Submissive creatures. With the many other personalities in-between the extremes, it has been my life experience that there is predisposing to “power tripping” in animals and man. Not each creature born has the same drives to succeed, gather or control their environment as others. Therefore my conclusion to the subject is that:


annette sackrider Of course with predisposition to project their personality into the scenario and therefore alter, or not, the pack dynamics of the members in order to establish whether they might lead or follow.


So what do we do with that information as dog owners?


Always have a wise breeder assist you in understanding the traits of each pup. You do not need to agree with their assessment, rather observe and appreciate their findings. Once you have had several opportunities to review the facts along with your observations, and then approach the adoption options. Some Individuals need assistance in cultivating the behaviors and temperaments that will marry with their lifestyle and personality. Please remember that if you have a partner of Family, the dynamics of the human pack will also affect your new companion. If there are NO experienced pack leaders within your dynamics you may better choose a mild mannered pup or a professionally trained pup. Seek professional assistance in your local community. Remember to listen and ingest the wisdom, of pack dynamics, from the Professional. Open mindedly accept an understanding of sharing life with a creature that thrives on instruction, boundaries and stability of their pack and environment.


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