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decades of breeding the Worlds Top pedigrees and titled German Shepherd dogs

               Appleridge Obedience Family German Shepherds 

Appleridge German Shepherds (423)457-3808 -Now in Atlanta GA, Annette text,phone appleridgegsd@hotmail.com 32 Years Dedication to Purebred Dogs , Atlanta, Cleveland, Ontario-CKC AKC Inspected and Approved


Quotes "Annette, you should be proud - they are gorgeous and have have such wonderful personalities." Quotes
Hi Annette

Quotes Hi Annette, I was just on your website and saw a beautiful dog named URMA in your gallery photos. Is she one of your dogs that you breed? Frank and I both think she is absolutely beautiful and would love one of her pups. We are SOOOOO very happy with Titus ? who is now 4 years old ? that we are very much interested in getting another shepherd from you. Please let me know if Urma is yours and if yes, if she is going to have any pups in the near future? Thanks Annette! Robin Quotes
Hi Annette
Interested in getting another shepherd from you.

Quotes Hi Annette. I just thought I'd send you a photo of Max and let you know he's doing very well. He's a beautiful boy with a quirky personality and has fit in quite well into our crazy but loving household. He's 70 pounds now and growing bigger everyday. We sure do love him but he sure is a mama's boy lol. Hope all is well. Julie Quotes
In Love

Quotes Then I won't bother you again today except to say you have NO idea how many times since your first email that I have heard Marcey say how happy she is... Thanks for making her day as well as mine! Have a great day. Rick Quotes
We thank you so much
Our new trained dog Malina

Quotes Thanks Annette, I appreciate everything you've done. I will send some photos later for you. He's a great dog. Travis Quotes
thanks for the years of being there!

Quotes Hi it's Stephen and Kristy, we are very happy with our new puppy, Panzer. Here are a few pics for your web site. Stephen Quotes
New pictures for Grandma

Quotes Hi! I was going to enroll Holly?s microchip (I assume it?s the long number with the bar code that?s stuck on the contract) online and they ask for a brand name which I don?t find anywhere. Is there any other information I need? Holly is one great dog. Thanks! Ken Quotes
One Great Dog!

Quotes He is BEAUTIFUL. He has a silky black streak of hair down his back. I know you can't tell that from any of these pictures. Enjoy! Smile Teresa Quotes

Quotes Hi Annette, Once Scarlet was settled in her new home about 8 weeks ago, I was totally amazed how intelligent Scarlet was. I had different large breeds thru out my life and GSD is just, my god, by far the most magnificent, beautiful, loyal, loving and smartest dog of all breeds. I met her handsome father and I can see where Scarlet got her beauty from. Scarlet is already very protective of me but she is also very friendly toward people and our other dogs. She is even very sweet (as if she knew that cat is old) toward our old cat. I can't asked for a better dog - Scarlet is perfect and so very intelligent which I am still so amazing to this day. Only thing she can't do are cook and drive !! Annette, you sure do have some beautiful and brilliant GSD, and I'm so glad I got one from you. I can't not imagine living with out her now cause I adore her to death! Patty Quotes
Anything but cook n drive

Quotes Hi, I am trying to sign up as a member to your site so I can post some pics of Diesel. He is a great dog. Couldn't ask for a better one for my son. I was also wondering what your opinion is about showing him. Do you think he has what it takes to win? I think he is really pretty but i'm not an expert. I wasn't sure if you got a good chance to look at him Quotes
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