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decades of breeding the Worlds Top pedigrees and titled German Shepherd dogs

               Appleridge Obedience Family German Shepherds 

Appleridge German Shepherds (423)457-3808 -Now in Atlanta GA, Annette text,phone appleridgegsd@hotmail.com 32 Years Dedication to Purebred Dogs , Atlanta, Cleveland, Ontario-CKC AKC Inspected and Approved


Quotes "Annette, thank you for taking my call yesterday and giving me some great advice about Chilie. Things are already improving and we are really enjoying having her inside. Your the best!! " Quotes
Vickie posted on your timeline

Quotes Dianne sent word through that you lost Irish. I'm so very sorry. She was such a darling. She reminds us so much of Sheba. She brought tears to my eyes when I'd look at her. Take comfort in knowing she has left a living legacy in her babies. She will always be close you you. She will continue to live in your memories of her. Big Hugs to you all-you are in our thoughts and prayers. Love Chrissy and Wayne. Tailwags from Kayla and Emma. Both girls are happy and healthy and send kisses to Grandma. Dogs come when called, cats take messages. Life is fragile, handle with prayer. Quotes
Hi Annette,

Quotes Was looking at your website and the twins are gorgeous and Michael so handsome and the dogs of course speak for themselves. Hope all is well. Prince passed away last April 2011 at 13! The Harper's! Quotes
The family and Dogs are beautiful!

Quotes Axel and me after our 4th week of puppy class. He is the star of the class! This pup is amazing. He takes In everything he is taught like a sponge. Thanks for the great start you gave him. He's close to 50 lbs and his colors are awesome. Thank you so much! Dave Ps he is getting a headband for Halloween and going to be axel rose. Quotes
Thank You

Quotes Annette, I wanted to thank you so much for allowing us to take Georgia home. We loved her from the moment we seen her. She is an amazing girl. Thank you for listening to our need of a puppy with a calm temperment. She is doing wonderfully with my older dog "Sugar". Sugar lets her know if she wants to be left alone and Georgia listens. That is exactly what we needed for Sugar. She is definately one of a kind.... She is beautiful! Thank you again, Tina Quotes
Tina Davis

Quotes I know what you mean, I am a dog breeder mlysef. I very rarely breed, and I hate placing puppies. I live in fear that one of the puppies I place will end up having a problem of some sort (owner or health) and need something, and they don't contact me. I do what I can to make sure that my puppies will be healthy and well socialized. I try to make sure that the homes I have match the puppies.I know any puppy I produce has a home with me at any time for any reason at any age.How do you find a good breeder? Look for the annoying one that gives you the third degree, makes you feel like you are trying to adopt a baby. Look for the one that won't let you just choose a puppy, but wants to match a puppy with you. Look for the breeder that wants you to sign a long contract usually including clauses like they have to be informed if anything happens to the dog, and if you have to re-home them, the breeder gets input.The ones that care, do this for a reason. They care about those puppies. Quotes

Quotes Annette......this is what i want, out of your old lines, Santana lines, must be coated/very plush, female..............keep me in mind, keep me posted, okay? I ran into a fellow, that saw Shelby and I outside at the Aud at the Nationals....he and his lady friend had to stop.....he just had to see Shelby and I was with a friend with her coated boy....BUT, it was Shelby that caught his eye.............says to me HOW beautiful she is, asked to pet her.....told me about he had a coated GSD and she reminded him of his boy, whom he had to say good-bye to approx a yr ago? Anyhow, I asked where he got his dog from and his reply was "Appleridge" and he was the BEST dog he has ever had!! I smiled and looked over to Shelby and said "she is a Appleridge bitch" her dad was Santana and mom Olivia..............his boy was a Santana son!!! He knew he liked Shelby when he saw her as he drove by..says to me "thats why I li Quotes
Annette......this is what i want, out of your...
colleen, shooter and shelby

Quotes Annette, Thank you SO MUCH for letting us get pictures of Shiloh with her birth parents. What a magnificent experience. I?ve attached the pictures of Shyloh with Shimmer and Boss. It?s amazing to see how tall Shyloh is compared to her Mom and Dad. Shyloh looks so much like her Dad but has the softness of her Mom?s face. I?m still impressed that you were able to look at a 4 week old puppy and know that she would look like her dad. We feel so fortunate to be a part of the Appleridge family and can?t express how much joy and love that Shyloh brings into our lives every day. Wishing you all the Best! Judy and Paul and Daisy and Shyloh Quotes
We love her!
Annette, Thank you SO MUCH for letting us get pictures of Shylo

Quotes Hi Annette, Yes Titus is a great boy! We have so much fun with him, he has such a great personality and sense of humour! Do you think he would be okay with a female as a companion? We are SOOOOO very happy with Titus ? who is now 4 years old ? that we are very much interested in getting another shepherd from you. Thanks Annette! How is living in the US going? Kids love it too? Quotes
Thanks Annette!
Yes Titus is a great boy!

Quotes Hi Annette, Well, we had a great time with the pups coming home. They did not make a peep at all in the van ride to the hotel. Not a peep in the hotel. Not a peep at the airport! They were absolute gems!! I know the fact that they were together made a huge difference! We are ?adjusting? to our new normal (life) and after a somewhat chaotic morning, we fell into a pretty nice routine by the afternoon. They are poop machines! LOL. I think Bishop has pooped 5 times today! It is crazy but both are doing great going straight to the ?potty spot? and only a few slight mishaps?Not bad for day one!! We have decided to rename Halo, Benelli. So it is Bishop and Benelli. J God Bless you! Marianne & Tony, Laura, Joseph and Anna Quotes
Marianne & Tony, Laura, Joseph and Anna
So it is Bishop and Benelli. J